Palto Nikolai Gogol


Published: 2012


72 pages


Palto  by  Nikolai Gogol

Palto by Nikolai Gogol
2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 72 pages | ISBN: | 8.58 Mb

My first contact with Gogol, and certainly not my last.This little book tells the story of Akakiy Akakievitch, a certain official in a certain department where nobody showed him any sign of respect. He was laughed at by his co-workers. That must be one of the worst thing that can ever happen to any human being: realizing that high-school did not end (for a lot of people, it was not all flowers and rainbows). All the bullying, the bad jokes, the embarrassing moments that make you gently ask the ground to eat you alive, the psychological violence you cannot get rid of, all that, now...

at your workplace? You have to love the irony.The Overcoat is, well, a story about that, an overcoat. It seems to have more relevance than Akakiy himself, the responsible guy with the unfortunate name. That is another thing... mothers, what the hell are you thinking when you give your children ridiculous names?

Please, spare them a lot of trouble and save yourselves a lot of money in psychologists and start naming your kids properly. I dont know why they dont change their own name into some fruit, weird magicians, comic superheroes, cars, cardinal points or whatever they seem to love. Especially you, celebrity people that dont know I exist and wont read this in your entire life!Okay. Rant officially over. (If you search for Akakiy Akakievitch, you will understand. I had to do that because I wanted know why the author spent several lines explaining how he got his name and yeah, I dont speak Russian.)As I was saying, this book is about (view spoiler)[a man that was constantly humiliated at work and his ruined overcoat, which he wanted to repair because of the cold, cold winter and the bad, bad jokes.

So he decided to buy a new one and after living under a tight budget, he managed to do so. And, suddenly, he was a respectable man. That laughable poor devil that always endured those bad jokes and never replied to anyone, was now a relevant part of his department- of society, even. His brand new overcoat gave him confidence, some self esteem.

People at his department even organized a party in his honor. Actually, in the overcoats honor, but still, it was a big deal. (hide spoiler)]

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